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Capital Municipality , Sana’a , Yemen
Jannah Hunt Oil Yemen

Health, Safety & Environment

To assist in providing a safe and health work environment for employees, JHOC has established a workplace safety program. This program is a top priority for JHOC. The Environment, Health and Safety Department has responsibility for implementing, administering, monitoring and evaluating the safety program. Its success depends on the alertness and personal commitment of all.
JHOC provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issue through orientation, regular internal communication channels such as supervisors-employee meeting, bulletin board posting, memos, or other communications. Employees and supervisors receive periodic workplace safety training. The training covers potential safety and health hazards and safe work practices/procedures designed to eliminate or minimize hazards.
Some of the best safety improvement ideas come from employees. Those with ideas concerns or suggestions for improved safety in the workplace are encouraged to raise them with their supervisor, or with another supervisor or manger, or bring them to the attention of the HSES department. Reports and concerns about workplace safety issues may be made anonymously if the employee wishes. All reports can be made without fear of reprisal.
Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution in all work activities. Employees are expected to refuse work that may endanger themselves or other works. These situations must be brought to the attention of your immediate supervisor. Employees who violate safety standard, or who cause hazardous or dangers situations, or who fail to report or, where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.
In case of accidents that result in injury, regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear, employees must immediately notify HSSE department or the appropriate supervisor.
The company is committed to the protection of the environment and to the health and safety of its employees, customers, local communities and others who may be affected by its varied operations. To the fullest possible extent,

Our Commitments to HSE:

• Conduct operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and the public, avoids adverse impact on the environment, and mitigates unavoidable impact of its operations on the environment that sometimes occur
• Train and advise line managers in environmental, health and safety requirements and hold them accountable for compliance with this policy as it relates to their areas of responsibility
• Provide you with adequate training and education in safety and environmental matters and hold you accountable for compliance with this policy in performing your assigned tasks.
• Comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations
• Provide technical and legal support to line managers responsible for compliance with this policy
• Encourage timely communication between you and your supervisors regarding environmental, health and safety issues
• Encourage you to communicate your concerns to management about any unresolved environmental, health or safety issues you might identify in the company’s operations
• Conduct safety and environmental reviews of company operations to evaluate compliance with this policy.